How I Grew My Blog By Blogging Less

An Unconventional Approach to Growing Your Blog

Before I decided to blog less frequently for the month of December, I viewed the approach with a lot of skepticism. I feared that the momentum I had generated in the past six months would stop. Frankly, the main reason I scaled back is that I had to finish up several different projects in 2015 and needed the time.

The Results

I blogged less, and my site grew. Last week, I had full intention of scheduling a post. However, after I saw the amount of traffic my site was generating (my best day ever) with no new post. I decided to wait to post anything until the new website launched.

During December, I published nine blog posts. Two of the posts included free download worksheets, and the final post – Best Blogging Posts of 2015 – featured my thoughts on my most popular posts (an excellent traffic driver). Only two of these posts did not receive any comments – Transferring Domain Names to Another Registrar and Creating Meaningful Portfolio for Your Business. I’m not surprised the domain names did not receive comments, but I am with the portfolio.

December and 2015 Site Metrics

My Blogging Less Approach

The reader survey that I ran for the last few months was instrumental in helping me identify what content my readers found most helpful. Most readers look to the blog for business, brand and web tips; they do not come here as a source of inspiration. On Fridays, I use to post client work and mood boards – fluff posts. These posts were shorter in length. However, both the reader survey and my pageviews confirmed that these were not top posts.

I decided to commit to 2-3 posts a week for December, with only one post between December 21st and January 3rd. I had full intentions of posting last week, but I decided to wait until the new site and premade themes launched. Despite my previous post dated 12/28, I achieved over 1500 pageviews per day Monday-Friday of last week, and the launch of the site saw over 2400 daily pageviews on a Friday.

Each post included the following:

  • Aligned with Brand Audit series, WordPress, or Freelance Files;
  • Included multiple images, Pinterest-friendly images;
  • Information-Rich Content;
  • Full-post emails went out concurrently to daily subscribers;
  • Reference to a free download resource or a new download resource;
  • Scheduled social media promotion to cover day of publish and day after;
  • Identify similar threads from week to week.

What’s My Plan for 2016

While I have not published anything in the last three weeks, I have been brainstorming, writing, and scheduling posts. My goal is to publish posts three days a week, send out the weekly round-up posts on Friday, and continue the SmarterSaturday newsletter. Since my services approach is changing this year, I’m giving myself more time to dedicate to info products and blogging resources. I will be sharing more insights into this process in the Smarter Saturday newsletter, instead of on the blog.

My other goal is to connect each post together better. In one week, I might right about blog design, branding audit, and freelance files. Different topics, but I would like them to have a similar thread.

The New Year is especially useful for my site traffic. People are looking at improving their brand and their web identity, which is my ideal reader. I believe that this factor is also contributing to my recent rise in traffic.

Action Steps + Key Questions to Ask

Clients frequently ask me how often they should post. My recommendation is set a goal for one high-quality, information-rich post a week. Build a bank of at least five of these posts. Once you have a simple blogging routine established, then add a day. Repeat that approach to what works best for you.

You might also benefit from a Reader Survey. My FREE 2016 Blog Planner includes several prompts to help you craft a reader survey for your brand.

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    13 thoughts on “How I Grew My Blog By Blogging Less

    1. Krista

      I completely agree with you about blogging less but blogging better! After I re-launched my own site at the beginning of the year, I’ve been focusing on creating more high-quality content but have scaled back to one post a week for the time-being. It allows me so much more time to gather resources, write the post, and schedule promotions on social media, and I feel really proud of what I’m sharing with my readers. I’ve also seen an increase in page views and we’re only two weeks into the year!

      Thanks for sharing Lindsay, great post as always! Looking forward to seeing all of your new content this upcoming year 🙂

      x Krista

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        Exactly, Krista! It’s all about getting the most return out a post. I viewed it as doing 5 posts a week, but only utilizing them 60%. Instead, it’s 100% – social media promotion, research, resources, etc. Thank you for your comment!

    2. Kristen

      I’m starting to look at my posting strategy monthly and quarterly instead of weekly! It’s taking a lot of pressure off of me to post, post, post every week. Instead I have more time to develop content and promote what I have!

      Wonderful post and I love seeing your stats!

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        I would love to look at it from a quarterly perspective! Definitely not there yet! Monthly is working out great. Thanks for your comment, Kristen!

    3. Andy fawcett

      Interesting post bucking the trend of most advice. It goes to show that different tactics and schedules work for different blogs and ultimately it’s about understanding your audience. Something you have grasped fully,

      I currently am trying to gain a readership and find my blogging voice, I’m loving the process and how much I am learning day to day,

      Thanks for such a great article


    4. Ginger Daley

      Thanks for your feedback on this! I’m inspired because I can’t ever seem to get my blog posts done after I write for my clients. I can’t wait to see the long term results from your experiment…

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        Thanks, Ginger! So far its continues to go well, and I’m fine-tuning more and more. I’m sharing a business report this week on my pageviews. They have continue to grow rapidly, but I would definitely like to evaluate this after 6months to year to get a better idea of month-to-month.

    5. Lisa

      I am so glad I came across this post. I had just been thinking about cutting back my blogs so I could focus on making them more interesting. Now I feel that it was the right choice.

    6. MsCrookedHalo

      I cut back to just one post a week because I was finding blogging 5 days a week plus all of the making images, social marketing, and other background work to be too overwhelming. My new method is to market my newest post, my most traffic bringing posts, and, of course, my most income producing posts. We’ll see how it goes.


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