Not Your Average Gold

Too often gold is associated with ultra-preppy or feminine styles. Weddings that are nothing but white and gold, lots of floral and texture. Personally, I prefer more minimalist approaches to gold – subtle and unmessy, incorporating it with clean fonts and lots of white space. I’m particularly fond of gold foil business cards, and it’s something I’m considering for my rebrand.

I’ve used gold in quite a few projects. When I incorporate it into a blog design, I prefer to use it only on image-based graphics – logos, icons, subtle details. Metallic gold doesn’t translate well to the web. For The Fashionista’s Diary, I paired the metallic shade with pink, definitely feminine, but the pink allows for her links to pop!

Why White + Gold

To me, Gold and white seem perfect colors to start the year. I wanted to create a moodboard that would capture the optimism of the beginning of the year. We are all working towards our goals of becoming our best selves, and often that means simplifying and becoming more intentional with our lives.

Gold Color Psychology: wealth, prosperity, value, wisdom, tradition

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white + gold
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