Your Website + High-Quality Photography

Why Your Website Must Have High-Quality Photographs

Photography is as relevant to a web design as the web design itself. Photography sets the tone of the brand. Images attract readers, and they grow your audience. With the popularity of Instagram, everyone is a “photographer,” but the right investment in a professional photographer for one’s website should be something you consider.

Cohesion: Style + Composition

Visuals play such a big part in what people remember. Photographs play just as important role in the site branding as the site design itself. Hate your blog design? Well, you might hate your photographs.

Therefore, photos should convey a similar style and composition, especially on static pages, such as about and services pages. If you are a blogger, you can get away with experimenting more in your individual blog posts. Once you find a style and composition format that you like, stick with it to maintain consistency. Of course, the content will change, but there should be some familiarity and cohesion between the images.

Case Study ExampleOmnivore’s Cookbook – Designing and building Maggie’s site made me so hungry. Maggie uses consistently featured images for her blog posts but shows a variety of images within the post. Each image maintains the same quality and style of editing.

Omnivore's Cookbook Food Blog Design for WordPress

The Power of First Impressions

These days, a website is one’s first impression to a potential customer, client, or reader. What kind of first impressions do you want to give potential clients?  We all want people to take away positive thoughts about us. A great photograph of you, in a setting that is reflective of your brand, speaks volumes.

Case Study Example: The Fashionista’s Diary – Lauren’s blog is photo-heavy, and each one of her photographs conveys her positive personality as well as professional execution and style. As a result, her content flows seamlessly with the different features of her design.

The Fashionista's Diary Fashion Blog Design Responsive WordPress

Potential or Limits

With great photos, there are no limits to the potential of one’s website or blog design. With poor photographs, you are limited. You don’t want to showcase bad photography, and therefore, you and your designer are working from a place of limitation instead of limitlessness. I’ve had situations like this more common than the other. If you find yourself in this situation, be realistic and communicate this with your designer.

Case Study Example: Infoworks – When Denise approached me about her design project, she explicitly said that she didn’t want to mess around with images. That’s fine. I designed a visual site that would not require her to find or create images. Instead, the different design elements would add visual interest!

Infoworks Business + Career Blog Design for WordPress

Each one of the projects I reference is something that I’ve launched in the last two months! My portfolio is currently a little out of date, but I plan to update it early in 2017!

Questions about blog photography? Leave a comment below!

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