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Travel Essentials for Long-Term Freelance Trips

Next Friday, I embark on my first of three trips this spring. I’m not much of a traveler, so I’m interested in how I hold up. I’ve worked hard these past six weeks to establish some healthy routines. Tracking my calories through the LoseIt App and my BBG workouts will continue during these trips.  I workout first thing in the morning, so it should not disrupt my vacation plans.

I realized that I’ve been using the same roll-away carry-on since college, nearly ten years. It was time for me to upgrade, and I decided on the Away Carry-on due to its positive reviews. It’s also cheaper than the Tumi hard cases.

For both Tulum and Maui, I’m packing light – swimsuit, cover-up, hat, sandals, sunscreen and beach bag. Pretty straight-forward, and I will have room. But for, Virginia, I will live out of a suitcase for four weeks. This trip is an opportunity for me to become more minimalist with my wardrobe pieces. I’ve always found that the best travel essentials are the ones that you can use for multiple occasions.

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