Summer Essentials

Summer Essentials for Small Business Owners

This month, I’m participating in another B-Bar link-up, which poses the question: what are my summer essentials?

I decided to answer this question from my small-business owner perspective. It can be very easy to lose track of time and focus in the summer. With all of the holidays, trips, visits, etc….., if I don’t set goals for what I want to accomplish this summer, I will be disappointed with myself. 

As a small business owner, I wanted to make sure that this season is both productive as well as enjoyable. The summer is full of interruptions, so I’m not trying to establish any new routines other than my morning workout. I want to make sure that my business is taking steps forward while simultaneously making sure that I’m giving myself space and time I need. 

Similar to Meg’s post, I’ve decided that I wanted to accomplish two things this summer – work towards getting certain elements of my business in order and researching/brainstorming for future projects I have on the docket. 

I’m a little more flexible than usual with my schedule this summer. To make sure that I’m not working aimlessly, I’ve made a master to-do list of everything that I want to get done with my business. It includes both little and big things, but by the end of the summer, it is imperative that I have completed it for the next phase of my business. 

This summer, it is also essential that I start researching/brainstorming the next stages of individual elements of my business. This component is integrated into my big to-do list. However, some of this research can be done in the car, at the beach, wherever, which is perfect for traveling in the summer. 

Whether you are a freelancer, small business owner, or side hustler, how do you determine what is essential for you to accomplish this summer? 

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    • Thanks for offering a different perspective today. Very helpful advice (even though I love summer breaks…a lot of ’em!).

      • Thanks, Jordana! I’m kind of thinking of it as getting the most out of my break, but still being on a break!

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    • I’ve had so many summers where I blink and it’s over. I look back and think to myself, uhhh….what exactly did I do, besides enjoy bevs by the pool? haha. I love your take on summer essentials, Lindsay!

      • I know the feeling completely, especially last summer!

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    • I’ve gotten into the mind set that summers are for reassessing & getting things in order, since I’m a teacher. I’m definitely taking that mentality with my blog this summer & kind of doing what you are in terms of getting it organized!

      • Yes! When I was writing this post, I thought about my teaching days! I would love to establish some great routines, but it is so difficult with the vacations and visits!

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    • I haven’t thought of my summer business essentials yet. This is a great jump start to get on that. Great post!

      • Thanks, Rachel! I think because my business is still in its infant stages, its something I think about all the time! Love to hear what’s on your list!

    • Kelly

      Love this! Taken from the other side, it’s super interesting to remember how business works with all the “fun” you want to have. Great insight 🙂

      • Oh yes, Kelly! Especially when you work for yourself // vacations aren’t the same both from a financial and time perspective!

    • Can’t wait to see what you have planned next for your business! Whatever it is I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic!

      • Thanks, Carrie! If only it didn’t take as much time!

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    • Ellie O’Brien

      It sounds like you have set yourself up to have a wonderfully productive summer – I cannot wait to see what you have planned!

      xo, ellie
      with love from ellie

      • Thanks, Ellie! I’m hoping it will be a great one!

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    • Despite trying to make my summer both enjoyable and productive, I usually end up getting stressed out by setting up too many expectations for myself. Maybe it would benefit me to take a step back and simplify my plans!

      • Ah! That’s one of my biggest struggles as well Robyn! Whatever I’ve started to take one list and break it up into two things. Things that must get done now, and phase 2.0. I think its because we are overly ambitious…nothing wrong with it, we just have to prioritize!

    • Such a good idea! I need to create a similar list that is realistic for me to accomplish this summer.

      • Thanks, Erica! It has already been a more productive summer for me because of my list!

    • I’m in the middle of doing the same thing! I think another thing that is essential for me in the summer is making sure I have all the loose ends of my projects finished before I go on a trip or vacation. It’s the only way I can really relax!

      • Couldn’t agree more with that too! I’m taking a trip mid-July, and I’m hoping to have everything in line by then!

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