For the Love of the Story

Blogging Stories, Why It Is Important to Build Brand Loyalty

I went through a phase where I was reading one self-help book or business building book after another. Eventually, my reading habits slowed down. I needed some space from always thinking about self-improvement. Instead of reading, I binged watch Netflix. When the weather warmed up, I realized I needed something to get me out of the apartment.

Then, all of the sudden, it hit me. I love stories.

What do I like about watching television? The stories. What do I like about movies? The movies.So, I started with At The Edge of the Orchard, and I signed-up for

So, I started with At The Edge of the Orchard and signed-up for Book of the Month Club. Each weekend, I would sit by the pool, reading a new book. And I loved it. I have never felt more content with a hobby (and tan).

In the last two weeks, I had two customers who get a majority of their traffic from Pinterest. When I looked at their Google Analytics, they had a significant percentage of new visitors (70-80%), but few reoccurring visitors. These customers do a great job of getting new visitors to their sites, but they are still struggling to build a following of regular readers.

Why? For the past year, the trend in blogging is to write more intentional, SEO-friendly blog posts full of tips, tutorials, and content upgrades. Build that list! This strategy is great for growing your blog and reaching new readers, but similar to my struggle above with self-help books, we can’t read it every day. When I did a reader survey last year, someone responded that they always refer to my blog on a weekly basis, but the everyday tutorials and tips get exhausting. I couldn’t agree more.

Building a story is just as important as reaching new audiences. The story establishes brand loyalty and customer confidence. It adds a personal touch to a very branded world.

So, you’ve might have noticed around these spaces some small changes – tweaks to the layout and more personal content. For the fourth quarter, I’m playing with blogging. It’s not all tips and tutorials, but it’s going to be more intimate. After all, White Oak Creative is my personal brand.

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    5 thoughts on “For the Love of the Story

    1. Sophie

      I feel EXACTLY the same way. I was reading so many business and blogging books, articles, and posts before I realise: none of this was doing me any good. It was boring and lacked personality. Sure, tips and advice help; they’re useful. But it’s important to remember to put ourselves into our work and share our personal insights rather than just bland generic advice posts.

    2. Amber

      This post is everything. It’s something I’ve realized had been missing from my blog, and has felt so good to bring it back. Isn’t that why we all jumped into this community initially? Because we loved hearing how other PEOPLE were getting by, not just how to DO DO DO all of the things?

      I miss the stories, insights and connections into people. It’s great that there are so many resources available now, but I’m craving a bit more humanity behind the screen, I guess.

      P.S. I’m literally on the BOTM site now about to start a new membership! Are you still a member?!

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        I think everyone went a little crazy with the “how-to” because the stats backed it up – well at least in growing your blog.

        I couldn’t agree more about the community portion. Things tend to get lost in guides.

        Also, I’m still a member of BOTM. I just got “The Mothers” as my October book. I linked to what I’ve read below from them. I took advantage of the $9.99 additional book a month, and got a few good reads from it too!


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