Preparing for the Future

Planning and preparing for the future

This month’s B-Bar Link up focuses on the future – preparing for and creating a better future for yourself. As a small business owner, I’m always thinking about my future – how I can make myself more financially secure, improve my work-life balance, and ensure long-term career success. 

What am I doing to prepare for my future?

My current preparations for the future can be divided into short and long-term tasks.

    • Improving/tweaking the checkout process on the premade blog shop experience to be more streamlined and get all the information from clients.
    • Developing a schedule in which I feel balanced and content. I just finished the $100 Startup. One idea discussed is doing a little bit of work every day. 12-hour days, 5-days a week are awful, but 5-8 hour days, seven days a week might be more manageable. I’m trying to find my perfect schedule of client work as well as developing the White Oak brand.
    • Networking: Slowly but surely I’m trying to expand my network. I probably don’t dedicate as much time as I should to this. In the last few months, I’ve done a few things to start this process – join 2 Mastermind groups, join AIGA, and started blogging regularly.
    • Personal Projects: I firmly believe in the importance of having something for yourself. Whatever that may be, and it might not be related directly to your field of interest. Personal projects/hobbies help with balance.

What should you do to start creating a better future for yourself?

Continual education is critical to me; my grandfather ingrained it in me, and I believe it has contributed to my success as a self-taught freelancer.  Whether listening to a podcast, reading a book or blog, or going to a lecture, I try to do one thing a day that will directly contribute to learning. At the beginning of the year, I identified different areas that I wanted to focus on and use these priority areas as a way to make sure that I’m targeted with my decisions. Instead of knowing a little about a bunch of different things, I’ve chosen to focus on web design and WordPress development. I’m also interested in small business development and freelancing. Most of the things I listen to or read deal with these topics.

It is important not to get caught up in the “future”. What you do now should be enjoyed and embraced. To invest in my future, I try to make today as valuable as it can be. 

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