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Tilley Hansen


Tilley wanted to move her blog to WordPress from Blogger and give it a much-needed refresh to reflect her fun and colorful content. Tilley posts colorful outfit ideas along with easy, fun DIY projects.

For her logo, I customized Lavender Aster with her existing brand colors (off-black and gold). Overall, she wanted to the site to be light, airy, but for the logo to have some weight to it through color and font selection.

Using the Iris Package, Tilley opted for the Elm theme to showcase her content. Along with the custom color, some font changes,  and affiliate shop, Tilley has transformed this theme to be unique to her brand, but more importantly, it does an excellent job of highlighting her content. Installation, the transfer from Blogger, and email integration were part of the package!

Date Completed

August 2016

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