It Starts With Coffee

It Starts With Coffee Blog Redesign By White Oak Creative
It Starts With Coffee First Concept Logos by White Oak Creative


Neely Moldovan


Mornings can be a sacred time; whether enjoying a few minutes to wake up for the day or embracing the hectic madness of getting your family ready for the name. Each day, the morning represents a refreshed start to a new day. Our morning revival starts with coffee.

When Neely and I discussed her rebranding, she chose her name to reflect not only the direction of her content but also the mentality. It Starts With Coffee is a lifestyle and beauty blog that also provides blogging and social media advice (Neely’s been blogging for over four years!). As you start your morning with coffee, you also start it with Neely.

I’m only showing the logo identity for this project, but it also included the creation of social media templates, blog post templates, business cards, pdf guides, and media kit. The branding goals were quite clear – mature, clean, and airy. For the color scheme, Neely knew she wanted to incorporate a combination of gold, grey, and blush pink. I opted to use a gold-grey combo for just the logo, and then we incorporated the blush into more of the branding assets. The blog design’s main focus was to seamlessly incorporate sign-up opportunities, advertising, along with setting up blog course payment and registration through the site.


October 2015