Nowadays People Are As Good As Born In Their Clothes, and There Is Practically Not a Nude Human Being In Existence
Nude Moodboard + Color Psychology for Your Next Branding Project

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In this diverse world, the color “nude” looks different to all of us; it might be the only color with that effect. Beauty and fashion brands are accommodating this diversity in various ways. In 2013, Christian Louboutin debuted a Nude Collection of flats and heels ranging from pale to deep.

Despite the differences in shade, when we think of “nude,” the same sort of sentiments come to our mind – comfort, openness, natural, wholesome, and honest. As a brand designer, these keywords are not always the primary focus of my clients. Yet, these values are something they try to embody, albeit indirectly.

Vulnerability in Branding

A nude moodboard conveys vulnerability and transparency as well. Social media has turned into representations of our best selves. Nude contradicts those values. As Brene Brown points out in Daring Greatly, “Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Without vulnerability, we cannot let ourselves become the best versions.

Nude Color Psychology: comfort, honest, natural, wholesome
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Title Quote: Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Marble Faun

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    3 thoughts on “Nowadays People Are As Good As Born In Their Clothes, and There Is Practically Not a Nude Human Being In Existence

    1. LesLeigh J.

      I love that you wrote about this! I’m a black woman and a fashion enthusiast, and sometimes the lack of “nude” clothing and accessory items in my particular skin tone can be frustrating. I remember when Louboutin debuted their Nude Collection, I was like “Finally!” I’m glad that different industries are realizing that nude comes in all shades and tones.
      And it was great that you wrote about it from a design perspective! I never thought about what “nude” represents from that angle. Great Post!


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