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White Oak Creative
Blog Studio + Shop

Over two years ago, I started White Oak Creative as a way to provide bloggers and creative entrepreneurs with affordable, beautiful, and functional brand identities and blog designs. These values continue to be the focus of each one of my projects and products as my business grows.

I believe that in order to build a successful brand, it must be rooted in great design, content, and code. With White Oak Creative themes and projects, I build everything myself. That’s where my expertise comes in – the technical elements of running a website.

Whether a theme in the shop or blog post, everything is created to help lifestyle publishers create more intentional, dynamic brands that showcase and celebrate their content.

White Oak Creative has evolved from a studio to a blog shop; my products have expanded from just themes , Photoshop templates, and resources.  I have helped hundreds of bloggers and entrepreneurs establish their digital presence rooted in beautiful and functional design.

Want to get started? Effortlessly launch a captivating blog design with one of my premium WordPress themes. Create Pinterest-friendly graphics and social media posts that help you grow your brand.

Lindsay Humes
Designer. Developer. Owner

Hi! I’m Lindsay, a graphic designer and WordPress developer specializing in blog design for lifestyle publishers. I love creating stunning brand identities for style and food publishers as well as helping bloggers with more nuanced elements of running a blog – SEO and Tech Support.

Industry Experience

I have worked in the graphic design/development industry for over three years with over 300 websites installed. These close collaborations have shown me how a beautiful blog design can grow your brand!

Training + Education

I earned my Bachelor’s in Anthropology and Art History from Smith College. As any developer would tell you, most of what I do on a daily basis is self-taught through experience and research.

Northern California via Chicago

I recently moved from Chicago to Silicon Valley and had absolutely loved the move! I find this area both inspiring and motivating. Even though I’m located on the West Coast, I’ve worked with clients from all over the world.

Personal Life

In my free time, I’m an avid reader and train for half-marathons. I eat a predominately plant-based diet. Despite those healthy habits, I’m serious about my Netflix-binge watching and have an eternal love for lattes!

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