Everything Should Be Available In The Color Pink, Including Monster Trucks
Light Pink Moodboard + Color Psychology for Your Next Branding Project

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Last week, I talked about how I’ve worked with blush for quite a few projects. I love using a darker blush for link colors. It kind of works as a neutral, yet it still pops!

With certain projects, if the client has a very clear photography style, I will incorporate a very light pink into the background. Using background hues and patterns allows photographs to pop. It’s particularly important that the client has a clear and consistent photography style. If I paired a light pink with low-quality photographs, the site would look awful. If the client is still figuring out his/her photography, I opt for a light gray.

Similar to blush, this hue can convey feelings of kindness and compassion. Depending on the shade, it can take a brand from being somewhat neutral, to extremely feminine.

Light Pink In Personal Style

Most of my wardrobe and personal style is black, white, and grey, but if I were to add a color it would be dusty, light pink – subtle and moody. I dream of having a pink sofa in my future studio space. One day!

Light Pink Color Psychology: kindness, happiness, health, compassion
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    6 thoughts on “Everything Should Be Available In The Color Pink, Including Monster Trucks

    1. nancy

      Great post. So great that it led me all the way to the bottom, where I swooned over the look of your shop the post widget – what one do you use?

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        It’s a custom field that I created and designed for my theme. For some of my design projects, I do a custom footer depending on the project!


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