Want to Have a Successful Blog? Don’t Be a Lifestyle Blogger!

Why You Should Avoid the Lifestyle Blogging Niche
With most of my clients – custom, blog shop, tech, and SEO – this issue is a consistent among clients. Mostly, they are presenting content too broad, not focusing on a niche to grow their brand.

For example, a style blogger might post content related to outfits, style, and fashion every day, but her menu and sidebar do not highlight the depth of her content. Instead, her menu links to more lifestyle topics that she touches on once or twice a month. Her sidebar does not encourage readers to explore the content.

Another example is someone who writes about several different topics, but none of those posts jump out as doing well for her brand.

Sound familiar?! No worries. I’m guilty of this habit, too!

When I first started White Oak Creative, I had my hands in a lot of different pots – hobbies, services, etc. It made launching my business more difficult. I couldn’t focus and felt very frustrated after completing individual projects.

I came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t do certain things well. At the same time, there were certain things I could do well, and I needed to dedicate more time them. And, I never felt better.

By saying “no,” to blogging about certain topics or taking photographs for other bloggers, I focused more on designing and development. My progress improved rapidly, and I felt better. When it came time to blogging for my business, I saw a steady rise in pageviews and users. My business started to grow a following on social media. My brand grew because I became more focused.

Apply the same mentality to your blog. “Lifestyle” blogging is too generic. What kind of lifestyle? What kind of information do you get from a lifestyle blogger?

Let’s try a different example! What kind of information do I get from a fashion blogger? Outfit inspiration, shopping ideas, style best practices, how to adhere to a particular style practice – affordability, plus-size, petite, mix-match, etc.

Teams run successful lifestyle blogs. Why? Well, creating innovative and new lifestyle content takes time, energy, and money. Styling photography shoots is a full-time job.

Plus, how many can do it ALL very well? How many people are experts in everything? None. 

If you’ve followed any of my case studies on better blogging tips, you’ll know that you need to execute your content well and be an innovator.

“But what about the story?” You can touch on different verticals and tell stories through your dedicated niche. Whatever you share on your blog should serve a meaningful purpose to your brand readership and not for potential sponsorship opportunities.

But Lindsay, you’ve been writing more lifestyle posts lately?” Yes! The goal of these is very simple – I’m sharing more intimate and personal details about myself for potential customers to form an attachment to the brand. I’m adding more personality to my online persona. I’ve still kept my focus on what people come to this site for – blog tips. The home page blog posts are sticky posts that focus on core content – blogging and blog design, the sidebar promotes my categories, populate content, and I only use one category for this newer content – California.

Once you establish a focus and grow an audience base, you can then identify how you can differentiate your content while still keeping true to readership.

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    6 thoughts on “Want to Have a Successful Blog? Don’t Be a Lifestyle Blogger!

    1. Corina Nika

      Great advice! I’ve been doing pretty much all kinds of blog categories a few years ago, which was nice and i still do from time to time. But definitely the easiest and strongest thing is to focus on your niche!

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        Thanks, Corina! You blend together the different types of content really well with your style and narrative, but it’s good to hear that you also believe in focusing!

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        No problem, Charmaine! It’s definitely easy to be too broad with content, but it goes back to the foundation of good brands – intention, expertise, and innovation. It’s really hard to be all of those things at once. So, focusing on one thing can help you go deeper with the field – and grow your audience!

    2. Niki

      I’m so glad you just came out and said what needed to be said! Lol I feel like I’ve always felt/known this but kept romanticizing the idea that I could just blog about everything & anything I love and that my readership & traffic would naturally grow.
      I’m now planning a relaunch for January 2017 with a better niche focus!

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        Thanks, Niki! I’m glad you found this blog post helpful! Focusing is always a good idea, and I have definitely had clients (and myself) have first hand experience at the power of focus!


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