Better Than Before

Habits of Successful People

I’ve read a lot of self-help books on building my business, creating better habits, eating healthy, etc., and I am kind of sick of it now. It all has the same message. With each one I read, do I see a change. Not really. In my opinion, reading about how I can improve myself is a lot easier than actually doing it. But as I’m sick of reading and listening to the same old strategies and similar justifications, I actually am ready to commit myself to become better.

Habits of Successful People

After I read Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before, my thoughts about myself and creating positive habits changed. I use to view habits as to-do lists and was very unsuccessful at accomplishing them. Now, habits are more personal; I view it as investing in myself. I’ve explored this concept in the #SmarterSaturday newsletter – here and here. I use this chart (inspired by this) more as a source of questioning and reflecting on my everyday:

  • Am I reading every day? Am I reading high-quality, meaningful content?
  • Do I compliment others?
  • How do I embrace change?
  • Am I forgiving? How am I communicating forgiveness?
  • Do I discuss ideas or people?
  • Is continuous learning built into my daily and weekly routine?
  • Do I accept responsibility for my actions even in the face of failure?
  • How do I express gratitude to others?
  • Are my goals meaningful? Am I confusing goals with to-do lists?

For the past two weeks, I’ve used these questions to help me journal about my business and brand. I’ve found that they help me stay on target and reflect meaningfully. Just a little food for thought!

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    7 thoughts on “Better Than Before

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        Oh no! I definitely haven’t read The Happiness Project. It doesn’t sound like something I would be interested in, but maybe I should just see the difference in the two books!

    1. Ale

      What a fantastic and thought-provoking post! That list you linked to really hits home, especially since there are quite a few things I need to shift over from red to green. I need to print that out and have it hanging somewhere where I can see it everyday.

      I absolutely loved “Better than Before” as well. It was actually one of my top 3 books I read in 2015:

      Listening to her podcast on a weekly basis helps keep the concepts fresh and top of mind!


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