Well, We’re Not In The Middle of Nowhere, But We Can See It From Here.
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Despite my reservations about traveling, I love a girls trip. They bring me back to my days at Smith, where you can have fun, be silly, and bask in the joy of being a female. I wish I made them more of a priority in my life – like do two long weekends a year.

Last year I traveled with my sister and mother for her bridal shower and DesignerVaca in Palm Springs. This girls trip is a little different – it’s an actual vacation. Neither work nor family related. Laurie and I are going to Tulum (middle of nowhere) to soak up the sun, read, and drink. My three favorite things.

Girls trips are about slowing down. Instead of rushing and somewhat taking care of somebody else, it’s more about leisure and individualism. Going at my pace – messy buns, makeup-free.

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