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Pink and Red Moodboard and Color Palette

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Most men and women find pink appealing. During my first year of teaching, I set up my classroom with this huge pink word-wall. It was one of the only colors that we had, and I wanted to test out this theory about color psychology, and funny enough, my students, who were mostly male, loved it!

I prefer pink with more of a bold, muted tone to it, less gender specific. Red and pink is a fun color pairing because you can make it bright and funky. I love the boldness of the two colors together; it tends to be feminine but also strong. When using red on the web, I’m always a little cautious because red represents warning or hesitation. Therefore, I try to use a reddish hue or tint.

From an editorial perspective, I love this pairing, but for everyday use, it’s simply not my style. I tend to prefer more subtle and gentler colors.

Pink Color Psychologycompassion, happiness, sweet, playful, and healthy

Red Color Psychologypassion, desire, strength, heat, energy

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Originally published on November 6, 2015, I updated this post on December 1, 2016. 

red + pink
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    4 thoughts on “Passion. Health. Life.

    1. Corina Nika

      This must be my favourite colour combination ever!! It’s just so powerful and inspiring! I’m lucky enough to be working on a branding right now that allows me to use these two eek!


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