Custom Blog Design

How can I get on your list for a custom project?

I’m currently booked for full-custom projects until 2017. I will open my booking for 2017 in November. Until then, please check out the Blog Shop. It is full of quick and affordable design packages that can be customized with a variety of add-ons.

What website platforms do you design for?

For any web or blog development projects, I design only for self-hosted WordPress. Its Client Management System (CMS) is easily adaptable and usable for clients. Whether you need a blog, website, or e-commerce site, I can make that happen using WordPress.

How far in advance do I need to book my project?

I’m currently booked for 2016. I will open up my 2017 booking in November.

Do I need to have my text and images ready before the project starts?

Yes. This is my personal preference, but I’ve found the best brands are well thought out and prepared before the brand identity is conceptualized. When the brand goals are finalized before the project, you and I are working with a clear direction, purpose, and mission. The Brand Identity Questionnaire and Client Homework, help you gather all those assets to create your best possible website. When you launch your website, you want to focus your energy on growing your brand, not making tweaks and edits to components that have already launched.

Do you work with clients around the world?

Yes! Even though I’m based in Silicon Valley, I have had the incredible honor of working with clients all across the United States, Europe, and Asia. With technology, it is extremely easy to work remotely while meeting the needs of my clients. Everyone is just a phone call, email, or video call away!

Do you use a contract?

All custom work projects required a signed contract and deposit.

Do you host the websites you design?

No. Clients are responsible for purchasing the domain and hosting via providers. Custom work clients are responsible for purchasing reliable and secure hosting. I strongly recommend Bluehost or SiteGround for most bloggers and small business owners. If looking to purchase a domain name, I recommend Namecheap. In my contracts, I specify that I’m not responsible for clients who choose to go with sub-par hosting. Hosting providers like Go Daddy, impact the functionality and performance of your site. I am not responsible for server downtime, software issues, and any other compatibility and security issues that arise after the launch of the website.

Is my initial deposit refundable?

All deposits are nonrefundable as it is my way of securing your spot in the queue. I book projects several months ahead of time, and scheduling ensures that I give all of my clients the proper amount of time that a project deserves. As a result, I turn away clients for your reserved time slot. If you back out of the project, you may leave an empty spot that could have been given to another project. The deposits ensure that clients are serious about moving forward with the project.

Blog Shop FAQS

How do I complete an order?

Orders are completed through the White Oak Creative website. If you are just purchasing a theme, you should receive your order upon your payment being cleared. If you are purchasing customizations, you will need to complete the respective form for whatever theme you ordered. I will follow up with next steps depending on the customization.

Can I upload my own logo?

Yes, my themes are built in a simplified style that showcases your content but will often fit well with your individual logo. Theme instructions outline the ideal logo size.

Do your themes work on WordPress.com? Blogger?

No, my WordPress themes are for self-hosted WordPress only. You need to have a domain, hosting and WordPress software installed in order for our themes to work on your website. If you purchase Installation, I can setup WordPress once you’ve purchased your domain and hosting.

Do you offer refunds?

No, unfortunately, due to the nature of our products, it is impossible to offer refunds. With that being said, I want to make sure you are 100% before you purchase from the Blog Shop. If you have any questions before you purchase, please email hello@whiteoakcreative.com.

Do you help with transferring services?

I have worked with clients in the past who had several issues with hosting, transfers, and domain registry.  I do offer my services to help clients set up hosting. I can’t do the entire process for you as it requires personal information, but I can do a majority of it. If you are thinking of using Bluehost  or SiteGround to help you setup/install, please send me an email, I’m always baffled by that service. I can help you quite quickly.

Do you have any recommendations for hosting?

I’ve experienced a few different hosting companies through different clients, as well as myself. No hosting is perfect – especially with regards to shared hosting (often the cheapest). This site is hosted through Bluehost. The cPanel and site security are relatively easy to use. I’ve been very unhappy with their email client, and I have opted to use Google Apps for Work for Email. For domain registration, I use Namecheap. Always purchase site security when you are purchasing your domain!

Do I have to keep design credit on my site?

Credit will be placed on your site linking back to White Oak Creative as the designer of your site. The link must remain on your blog as long as you have elements designed by me.

How long does installation take?

Installations can take anywhere from 24-72 hours depending on additional customizations and how quickly client provides information needed for me to install the theme.

Brand Consultations

Does consultantions include tech support?

No, coaching services are set up as consultation opportunities for content creators and small business owners. If you are looking for feedback on your business and brand, this service is ideal for you. If you need elements of your site fixed, check out our tech support package.

How does scheduling work?

Meetings are scheduled Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and the third Saturday morning of each month. The one-hour meetings are completed either by phone or Skype (your preference).

Tech Support Membership

How can you help me?

We specialize in providing content creators with digital solutions to help them grow their brand. This service includes small updates, recommendations, and proactive measures.

What are the limits to the support you provide?

We only perform edits that fall within the time frame and job requests available in the chosen plan. Out-of-scope projects are offered a discounted rate. Rates are clearly communicated before work is completed.

How can I update my plan?

Yes! Just let us know, and we will update your membership!

Do I have to commit to a contract?

No. The monthly service is billed using a reoccurring subscription. There are no contracts to sign, setup fees or cancellation fees. You are required to commit to the first three months of your subscription when you purchase. After 3-months, you can cancel your membership at any time.

What if I’m not on WordPress?

Unfortunately, this service is only for self-hosted WordPress. If you are considering switching over, feel free to contact us with your questions.

When does my tech support service start?

As soon as you sign-up for the tech support service, you will receive a confirmation email asking for support information. We will conduct our audit of your site, and let you know what recommendations you can make to improve your site. From there, we are set!

Do you provide hourly tech support packages?

Unfortunately, we do not provide tech support at hourly rates anymore. If you are a past White Oak Creative client or customer, email us about your specific request. If you are not a client, we do not provide any tech support services outside of these two packages.