Portfolio Worksheet

About The Worksheet

A simple portfolio displays your previous work – what you’ve done and with whom. For creative entrepreneurs, your portfolio can be valuable marketing resource for social media promotion, client network, and filtering out irrelevant client inquiries. Building a portfolio that reflects the work you want to do with the clients you want to do it with is a key component to your business sustainability and growth.

This worksheet guides you through creating a clear purpose for your portfolio, determining the type of entries that works best for your brand, and organizing the presentation of your portfolio. Whether creating your portfolio for the first time or auditing your existing portfolio, the worksheet helps you take your brand to the next level. This guide is a preview of the Brand + Business Audit Guide that is available for purchase.

Who Is This For?

Content Creators and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to showcase their work as a marketing tool for growing their business. This worksheet is great tool for organizing and tracking your portfolio entries.

What’s Included?

  • Detailed worksheet on crafting your portfolio
  • Portfolio tracker to organize + promote your work