How To Complete A WordPress Post

About The Guide

Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes + Make the Most of Your Blog Posts! This checklist outlines the different components and elements you should include for each of your blog posts. The goal is to optimize your post to reach the largest audience and build a loyal audience. It was crafted in reference to this blog post. This free 1-page checklist is crafted for WordPress blogs in mind, but it is applicable to other blogging platforms. It is a great reference tool for new and seasoned bloggers. This guide includes the following:

    • Blog Post Content Must-Haves + Key Questions to Ask
    • SEO Checklist
    • Best Practices for Images
    • What to Do After You Publish A Post

Who Is This For?

Lifestyle Publishers and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to create a more cohesive blog identity and message through their content. This worksheet is a great tool whether you are just starting a blog or are a seasoned blogger.

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