Brand Identity Questionnaire

Build a Brand Designed to Grow

The brand identity questionnaire is the foundation of building a beautiful and effective brand. This guide asks key questions about your brand identity, so that you are able to organize your strategy, present a clear message to a designer, and communicate your overall vision to you audience. Questions focus on four main categories – brand values and vision, clients + audience, design preferences, and visual identity needs. I use this questionnaire with my custom work clients; it is an ideal tool for anyone looking for a brand design, whether doing it yourself or working with a designer.

What’s Included?

  • Guided Questions + Prompts
  • Visual Identity Checklists
  • Content + Planning Resources + Links

Who Is This For?

Content Creators and Creative Entrepreneurs who want to showcase their work as a marketing tool for growing their business. This worksheet is great tool for planning your next blog design!

Other Valuable Reads

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