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How to determine your small business values

The phrase “design to grow” is the founding purpose of my business, but within that statement, I’ve relied on four value pillars. I use these values when I need to make tough decisions about the operation of my business and the kind of work I produce.

Affordable + Exceptional Design

Because the Internet can break barriers and boundaries, I believe that it is important that people have access to affordable and excellent design. The design conveys the message, and the message is where the real power and purpose lies. Since I work with a lot of small businesses or people trying to establish a side-business, I want to make sure that my business provides a variety of opportunities and price points. The premade blog shop is an excellent example of this principle.

Client-First Approach

A good portion of my clients worked with a former designer or developer, and their former experience shapes our project in different ways. From my client’s stories of these past experiences, I’ve been able to be a little more conscious about what not to do.

Since this is a client-based business, the potential for friction and conflict exists. When this happens, I’ve tried to be as flexible as possible (and within reason). I remind myself that this struggle is a learning opportunity, and I look at my business model and how I operate to see how I can avoid these situations. The blog design blueprint has been a useful tool in helping me direct projects that aren’t a great fit for a custom blog design to the blog shop.

Authentic + Meaningful Projects

Custom web design is a significant time and monetary investment for my clients. If I feel that a customer is not ready for custom work, then I will defer them to more affordable options – like the blog shop. This practice ensures that my clients get the most from experience.  This value also ensures that I’m learning with each project. As I grow with each new project, my work improves, and expertise develops, a benefits to my clients.

Continual Education

If you read this blog at all, you will know how important regular education is to me. If I don’t learn a new thing each day, I feel genuinely feel like poo. The Internet is always changing; investing in my education is an investment in my business. It ensures that I can continue to provide my clients with valuable information.

When I reflect on how I got started and the timing of everything, I believe I had these values before White Oak Creative had its name. I wanted to create a career for myself that would be a source of independence, pride, and principles. I keep a regular journal where I write my ideas and notes for projects, but at the inside of each first page, I write these values. As I grow through both positive and negative experiences, I always want to keep these values present.

Action Steps

  • What importance do you want your clients/customers to take away from working with you?
  • How will you determine your business success in non-monetary nature?
  • What do you want to get out of your career? Will this benefit your business? If so, how?
  • How are your values different from competitors? Is this a selling point?
  • In your opinion, what are good business? How do their values translate to the products/service they provide?
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    5 thoughts on “Business Values

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    2. Rosario Cárdenas

      I really liked this post. The way you write makes me believe that you are a really ethical person that is worried about education and offer the best design experiences. I personally want to work with you, reading your blog makes me want to be a successful designer like you. I wish I could work with you for my future brand, but right now I can’t afford your prices because I’m a student. Trust me, I will come back one day to be your client and I’m sure I’ll be so satisfied with your work that I’ll be really happy I invested in your designs. I’m officially a fan.

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        Thank you so much for your kind words, Rosario! Feel free to email me with any questions you might have as well. I love meeting and talking with other entrepreneurs and designers! Have a wonderful day!


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