Her Blush Was The Color Of A Coral Reef, But Smooth
Blush Moodboard + Color Psychology for Your Next Branding Project

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Over the course of my career, I have designed quite a few brands that use blush as a main color. You see it all over the female, creative entrepreneur realm from Glossier to Sophia Amorusa’s #Girlboss and Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style.

From a color psychology perspective, blush (and it’s similar shades) is a universally attractive color. It evokes feelings of compassion, happiness, and health. It’s an approachable color.

Why Blush Works for Branding

Incorporating this hue into your brand color palette can help reaffirm your brand values. Cochic Styling (completed in 2015) is an excellent example. Alyssa provides styling and shopping services to women who are struggling with their personal style. Her target audience is someone who needs help. Incorporating pink into her design conveys warmth and kindness to a potential client.

Blush Color Psychology: kindness, happiness, health, compassion
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Barely Blush
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