Evolving Past Beta: Black + White Color Palette
Black and White Color Palette + Moodboard

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I’m wrapping up the last few custom projects of 2016 this week and next week, and then I will be starting on my sabbatical. Honestly, I’m super excited for this period. Shortly after I started White Oak Creative, a mental list of should of’s and could of’s started to emerge. I resolved some of these items as I grew, but I’m approaching this sabbatical as second change opportunity.

Certain pieces have come together, and I’m renaming, rebranding, and more. I’m particularly grateful that I can spend a few months just dedicated to improving my own business model. Plus, I’m also hoping that this period allows me to balance my schedule and create healthier habits.

Launching White Oak Creative was like launching a “beta” version. As I’ve grown my business, I’ve launched a few different things – also “beta” launches. Over the course of this spring, I will be rolling out my bigger, long-term components. Fixing the mistakes of beta.

Black and White Color Palette

I created this moodboard to help me set the visual direction for the brand messaging and social media promoting of lindsayhumes.com. I’m going with very neutral, black and white color scheme, with classic typography elements. I want it to be modern and worldly, but also very soft – using black as an accent. I’ve been playing around with different styles on Instagram!

Black Color Psychology: sophisticated, classic, elegant, formal, bold, powerful

White Color Psychology: wholeness, purity, clean, completeness, new beginnings, fresh

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black + white
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