Best Google Web Font Pairings

Best Google Web Font Pairings - Free Resources

Google Web Fonts are great for premade themes and DIY web projects. They are easy to install and give you a lot of options. When I design websites, I often use no more than two fonts – for consistency and cohesiveness throughout the site and to keep page loading times at a minimum. I stay away from using Google Web Fonts for custom branding projects, because I am a big proponent in customization of all elements of a project, including the fonts. 

Pairing fonts is a great way to provide a visual hierarchy to your content – clearly delineating primary and secondary information. At a very basic level, you can create a font branding board for your headings, subheadings, paragraph, and smaller accent text like in the mockup above. A mockup branding board will keep you consistent when you are designing and developing blog content such as collages. If you find a pairing that you enjoy, when it comes time to designing your blog, you can provide your designer with these fonts! Best Google Web Font Pairings

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    7 thoughts on “Best Google Web Font Pairings

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    2. lindsey

      Only question is when you do custom projects and customize the fonts with ones that aren’t free – do you have your clients pay for those fonts or do you?

      1. Lindsay | White Oak Creative Post author

        Great question, Lindsey! For custom projects, if I need to purchase a font for a client, I typically purchase it myself. If the client wants that font than he/she is responsible for purchasing it. This way I’m able to keep what I charge the client as listed. I have so many premium fonts that I haven’t run into an issue.


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