I Preferred An Artist Who Transformed His Time, Not Mirrored It

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Truthfully, I don’t celebrate holidays or birthdays. It’s not something that’s a big deal to me. So, it’s quite a coincidence that I’m feeling a bit artistically romantic lately.

Since I launched my business, I’ve always felt like a business owner – a technician strategic and deliberate. Always thinking of income and expenses, timelines and project due dates. Work, work, work. Less artist and more business.

The sabbatical has brought out quite an artistic romance, something I’ve longed for quite some time. Not to say that I’m an artist, but I do feel that I’ve been more creative lately, and exploring those imaginative preferences. My mind seems less cluttered, but I’m infatuated with the direction of specific elements.

For the rebrand, I’m working on different collections for the shop, each one with a different attitude and personality, but they exhibit more of my signature design style. Instead of designing for what I think others want, I’m doing more of what I like. Trying to set the trend, not mirror it.

Title Quotation: Patti Smith’s Just Kids (my favorite book)

Image Sources: Maison Margiela | Sweater | Patio

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