Do You Have a Yearly Reading Goal?

Professional Development: Setting a Freelance Reading Goal

At the end of 2015, my sister expressed to me how accomplished she felt by meeting her reading goal she set with GoodReads.

Even though I was an avid reader, I never set a goal before. My reading habits would vary; I could read several books within a few days, and then go weeks without reading.  For 2016, I decided to set a goal of 24 books – 2 books a month.

Last year with the move and being very busy with client work, I turned to fiction as a way to relax. I signed up for Book of the Month Club and visited my local used book shop. There is nothing I love more than sitting by the pool and reading. One of my favorite things to do. As a result, I accomplished this goal with ease last year!

For 2017, I decided that I wanted to revisit the reading goal again – 24 books – with a bigger emphasis on nonfiction. I want to read higher-level business and design books. When I went through my “self-help book” reading phase, it seemed like each book was the same. Those “entry level” books do nothing for me. I’m looking for something more. Hopefully, Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly: How the Course to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead is a good start!

At the same time, I want to reduce the clutter in my life (and that includes books). My iPad is too big and heavy for reading; plus, it doesn’t work well as an e-reader outside.

Enter Amazon Kindle

Amazon does certain things well and other things not-so-well; they’ve excelled with books.  I decided to purchase an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, and I have never been happier. The screen resolution is incredibly crisp, and it’s so lightweight to hold. I bought this case to go with it, even though I’m not sure I need it.

The Kindle syncs with my GoodReads account, so I can keep my running list of books to read up-to-date!

Moreover, I’m reading more for work these days, so highlighting passages comes in handy! I preferred actual books in the past, because of the highlight, but the Amazon Kindle keeps everything clean and organized!

You can follow along with my reading list and updates via my GoodReads account! I would love to share recommendations on book lists!

What’s on your reading list for 2017?

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    10 thoughts on “Do You Have a Yearly Reading Goal?

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        That’s great, Charmaine! I think it’s good to have the titles undecided! You might want to read something later in the year that you are really excited about, and that’s the best type of reading!

    1. hillary roberts

      I am actually a book blogger first and foremost so my goal of 200 books may seem daunting but in the book blogging world that middle school. I have read both Daring Greatly and Tools of Titans and I can say with Tools of Titans I found so much info that was useable I was overwhelmed. Definitely a book you will need to revisit more than once to get all the info. I have added you on GoodReads.I am purplemoonmyst.

    2. Kristin M.

      Ok this post is basically identical to what I did, even to the point of asking for a Kindle Paperwhite because my iPad was too bulky to hold at night in bed. The fact that it connects with my Goodreads account is a lifesaver as I’ve been tracking my reading goals for the 3rd year now. Last year I read 44 books and I think I set mine for 45 this year. I still read 90% non-fiction because when I read at night I want it to be for enjoyment & not worry about myself getting tired & retaining any knowledge. In the morning I will read a few chapters of an business based book if I’m up to it (like You Are A Badass). I hope to get a few more of these in as well. I’ll definitely connect with you on Goodreads!

    3. Ale

      Wow, your Goodreads list has some really good books on it! Lots of ideas to add to my list 🙂 I stopped using Goodreads several years ago, but I may have to jump back on now. Saw that Tools of Titans is on your list – LOVED it.

      Instead of a number, I really enjoy making a list at the beginning of every year of the books I hope to read. I also like recapping my top 3 books from the prior year. Here’s my 2017 reading list:

      1. Lindsay Humes Post author

        What a great list, Ale! Just Kids is my favorite book of all time. I actually thought about re-reading it again this year. It’s been a few years since I read it, and I loved it! thanks for your comment!


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