Good for You, Not For Me

2017 Goals for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

This time last year I sat from my cold Chicago apartment, working on my first new custom work project of 2016 – Tara’s The Mix! 2015 had exhausted me, but I continued to work on – launching, growing, working, working, working!

This year, I’m writing from a much different place – physically and mentally. First, I’m in California, and while this move occurred in March 2016, I believe it has been the catalyst in this new phase of my business.

Secondly, I fully expect to get sick or just physically crash early this week. I worked extremely hard for the last 3-4 months of 2016. I made the most I have ever made with my business, but it was not without some sacrifices. It was all client work, all the time, and I was unable to spend the time to diversify. Whenever I truly have some time to relax, my body often shuts down completely.

In the past, I always start out the new year with a long list of things that I’m going to do – eat healthy, workout, do x, y, and z for my business – while maintaining the status quo of working way too much. It always fails miserably, and my same habits emerge, probably stronger than ever.

2017 Goals

This year is different. I don’t expect to hit my stride until April. I keep on reminding myself of the famous Amy Poehler quote – “Good for You, Not for Me.”  It’s tough to identify that I’m not ready to do certain things, to feel behind from the rest. But, I keep on reminding myself that I have my plan and own pace, and I do trust my instincts as a business owner.

I’m taking time off from custom work for the next 3-4 months (I haven’t set a deadline yet).  I will be working behind-the-scenes on renaming and rebranding my business. The plan is to expand certain areas of the shop and add more premium resources. Themes will be retiring, and new ones will be introduced. I have some exciting plans for my services as well.

Until then, I will be running White Oak Creative as business as usual. Everything (including packages) are still available for purchase from the shop.

I’m debating on how much I will document on the blog of my sabbatical process. Personally, I miss the old forms of blogging where you could share part of a journey with your readers. I plan to post on the blog a few times a week, and I will be sharing more behind the scenes into my rename/rebrand on Instagram (@whiteoakcreative)!

Here’s to a great new year!

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    3 thoughts on “Good for You, Not For Me

    1. Jessica

      I can’t wait to learn more about your rebranding. Sometimes it is indeed time to take some off for ourselves, in order to grow our business differently. It’s actually what I did in 2016 and I’m not regretting a thing. I’m starting 2017 feeling much better and much more confident. x

      Jessica — NinetyCo 


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